Hair and scalp

<What is the reason for a severe scaly scalp condition with dry areas?>


Severe scaly scalp conditions with dry areas are characterised by fairly thick, well demarcated, round or oval patches, combined with redness and scaly skin. Of varying size, even to the extent of forming a "helmet" covering the entire scalp, the scales are silvery white, compact, dry and very sticky. They are generally accompanied by intense itching.

The genetic ground, stress, certain infections (ORL and dental in particular) and certain medicines (lithium, synthetic anti-malaria pills, b-blockers, …) can cause the appearance of severe scaly conditions with dry areas.

These stem from the combination of 3 phenomena:

the hyperproliferation of epidermal cells that leads to significant thickening of the skin in patches, combined with redness and scaly skin,

a problem with differentiation, i.e. the renewal of the epidermal cells. This process, which normally lasts for around 30 days, is reduced to under a week (3 to 6 days). The keratinocytes experience problems during their ageing cycle; they retain their nucleus until they reach the corneal layer,

an inflammatory reaction in the dermis and the epidermis,

Severe scaly scalp conditions with dry areas evolve in successive phases of surges and remissions.

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