BIODERMA baby skin care

BIODERMA ABCDerm for baby skin

The BIODERMA baby skin range is composed of gentle hygiene and skincare products that are specially developed for babies and children. BIODERMA baby skin products meet both parents’ needs and paediatricians’ requirements.

Your baby’s skin is especially fine and sometimes becomes irritated. To cleanse it, you are looking for extremely gentle hygiene products that are practical to use. For daily gesture and gentle hygiene, BIODERMA's care for baby skin serves as protection and exchange between internal and external environments.

ABCDerm H2O: a specific care for baby skin

Discover ABCDerm, the micelle solution that gently cleanses the delicate young children and baby skin. At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for the delicate baby skin, ABCDerm H2O micelle solution gentle cleanses the bottom, skin folds, face and hands.

The micelles contained in its formula perfectly micro-emulsify impurities, while respecting the baby skin. Very pleasant to use and with a very high tolerance level, ABCDerm H2O soothes irritation and redness and helps restore the hydrolipic film of every baby skin. Soap-free, ABCDerm H2O needs no rinsing.

ABCDerm wipes your baby skin

The dermatological wipes that gently cleanse the delicate baby skin. ABCDerm H2O Dermatological wipes are impregnated with an active micellar solution containing cleansing, ultra-softening agents. They thoroughly cleanse the delicate baby skin.

Bottom, skin folds, face and hands... With a dermatological wipe, gently cleanse the baby skin. Repeat the application until the wipe remains clean (you can use both sides of the wipe). Their size and strength enable the whole face to be cleansed with a single gesture and leave a pleasant feeling of freshness. Their smooth, ultra-soft texture totally respects the integrity of the fragile epidermis of every baby skin.