BIODERMA combination skin care

BIODERMA: choose your combination skin care

Your normal to combination skin is sensitive and intolerant. You often feel prickling, overheating, and less frequently itching ? Sometimes accompanied by redness, these feelings of discomfort are a reaction to stimuli (UV rays, heat, cold, wind, cosmetics, soaps, water, pollution, stress …). You are looking for combination skin care with excellent tolerance for normal to combination skin, to reduce your combination skin’s reactivity.


BIODERMA anti-irritant combination skin care

Your combination skin displays signs of redness on the oily areas of the face? Around the hairline, the eyebrows and between the brows, sides of the nose and chin... To stop the slight itching, you need a soothing daily combination skin care that will combat the proliferation of micro-organisms. on the surface of your combination skin.

Thanks to the synergetic action of specific active ingredients, Sensibio DS Cream curbs the proliferation of micro-organisms, irritant agents responsible for worsening the combination skin’s condition. Therefore, Sensibio DS Cream soothes irritated combination skin and minimises redness. Just like every BIODERMA dermatological care,  Sensibio DS Cream offers a very cosmetic, light, emollient and non-oily texture (cream-gel) provides real comfort for the combination skin.


A daily, protective, soothing combination skin care

A new step forward in the treatment of sensitive combination skin, the patented Toléridine® complex instantly and durably acts against inflammation. It raises the skin’s tolerance threshold. The skin is resistant and thus better protected against external attack, so it becomes less reactive. Sensibio Eye contour gel instantly soothes feelings of discomfort and irritation.

Sensibio Eye contour gel’s decongesting agents help to reduce puffiness. The smoothing active ingredients minimise the fine lines. The moisturising agents improve comfort for every combination skin. Formulated with rigorously selected active ingredients known to be harmless, preservative-free and fragrance-free, Sensibio Eye contour gel guarantees optimum tolerance, including for the eyes. Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, BIODERMA Sensibio Eye contour gel provides a make-up base and is suitable for contact lens wearers.