Cicabio Cream 40 mlCicabio Cream 40 mlCicabio Cream 40 ml

The first repair care for damaged, irritated, non-oozing skin that accompanies every stage of epidermal reconstruction.

Cicabio Crème targets every stage of skin reconstruction to promote perfectly restored skin.

The synergetic combination of Resveratrol and Copper promotes high-quality skin regeneration.

The Copper-Zinc complex prevents bacterial proliferation.

Hyaluronic acid, a major skin component recognised for its regenerating capacity, provides optimal moisturising.

Cicabio Crème's Antalgicine® Complex, a BIODERMA innovation, rapidly relieves the sensation of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch.

The patented natural D.A.F. complex (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) increases the skin's tolerance threshold.